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Air Purification Systems for Highland IL

Are you worried about what your family is breathing in? Want to make your workspace cleaner? Call your local air quality specialists for state-of-the-art equipment that can improve the quality of your air. At Langhauser, we offer air quality systems that purify air to make it healthier for all to breathe. As a family-owned business, we understand your concern with what your family is breathing in, and we’re here to provide the services needed to give you peace of mind. Contact our staff for more details about air purification or read below for answers to your questions.

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Indoor Air Quality Comfort Systems

Most of us are familiar with changing our HVAC systems’ filters. However, this filter is really more for your system than it is for you. Traditional air filters really just keep dust and debris from slowing your system down. When it comes to purifying the air you actually breathe, there’s no better choice than a Sanuvox air purification system. Using patented technology, Sanuvox products effectively purify the air before it comes out of your HVAC system. Their line of air quality products features something for all needs including portable models for those of us that are on the go. The products we offer from Sanuvox include:

Do you need an air treatment system?

This is a question that many have because they’re not familiar with all the harmful things that float around in the air you breathe. Additionally, your air conditioning or furnace filter may filter large particles, but it won’t purify the air or make it any healthier. With a purification system, you’ll encounter less of the stuff that makes you sick such as:

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Questions? Contact our staff for a consultation on your problem, and see how we can help you today!